Amazing Cacao

Amazing Cacao Company was established in 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company specializes in importing organic green coffee beans, organic high quality cacao, cocoa butter, and cane sugar. This bean to bar chocolate maker is dedicated to sourcing rare cacao varieties that have unrivaled tastes. They go straight to the source, work directly with farmers and cooperatives. Free of artificial substances, Amazing Cacao uses only natural ingredients in order to highlight the unique flavors of the beans they source.

Back in 2015, the owner Olga Yarovikova was originally just going to find, import and distribute Ecuadorian cacao beans for Russian chocolate makers. She had a planned meeting with the founder of the Russian bean to bar industry for them to purchase the beans Amazing Cacao had gotten a hold of, until the meeting never happened. So now sitting on a large quantity of beans, with no interest from outside parties, Olga decided to create her own chocolate brand! She’s ventured to different countries in Latin America, seeking the best quality beans and found Peru to her best liking. Amazing Cacao has won multiple international awards for their chocolate bars and is sold internationally. Amazing Cacao does not want people thinking Russia is just for beers and vodka, but for fine quality chocolate as well!

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