Cacao de Origen

Cacao de Origen is a space for study, research, reflection and preservation of the cocoa culture of Venezuela. They make chocolate in small volumes to ensure the best quality. Roasted at low temperatures and refine in stone mills to offer limited editions with cocoa from different origins. In their chocolate lab, they combine new technology with the ancestral traditions of cocoa farmers. The careful attention to detail reveals the personality and diversity of each region. Cacao de Origen has partnered with Simon Bolivar University and created a program for "Management in Cocoa and Chocolate. Additionally, the Miranda Social Fund and the Civil Association Labor and Person they share projects for the "Chocolate Entrepeneurs" they train at their facility. They also work with CAVENIT (Venezuelan-Italian Chamber of Commerce) for the Chocco-Venezuela Hall, and with foundations, schools and cultural centers. Chocolatiers, students and entrepeneurs of chocolate, deepen their knowledge at Cacao de Origen.

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