Francois Pralus

Pralus Trinidad 75%

Tasting Notes: This is a classic European chocolate bar made from Trinitario cacao and added cocoa butter. Trinidad is the birthplace for this hybrid bean; one can almost say it is the original blended chocolate. This bar has a full deep aroma of spice and herbs, with strong floral flavors on the palette. Personally this is one of my favorite go-to plain chocolate bars. Dark, smooth, and layers of flavors make this expansive bar very addictive. It starts out with a slight fruit acidity, and as you chew it is earthy, floral and savory, all at once. Talk to different chocolate experts, and the flavors picked out in reviews vary wildly, from grass, asparagus, celery root to peach, truffle, lavender and coffee! What do you taste?


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