Map Chocolate

Map Chocolate Fool For You (Cashew Butter, Coconut, Mint) 80%

Our goal was a darker (read: lower sugar) bar, but one that would be creamy and gently sweet, and avoid the sad brittle bitterness that can come with higher %s. Cashews are a sweet nut, so we made our own cashew butter and then added it to the nibs, with a bit of dried unsweetened coconut, which also lends a bit of sweet to the dark. If you've ever made caramel you might know that by adding vinegar the flavor is heightened; with chocolate adding a liquid is not advised (unless the goal is a seized hardened useless brick), but peppermint oil served the same purpose. It brightened the warm creaminess just as we'd hoped. In the end our taster (#dreamjob) took a bite and pronounced: thin mints, as in Girl Scout cookies. Here's hoping there's a badge for bean-to-bar these days.

Ingredients: Organic Belize cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, roasted (unsalted) cashews, organic dried unsweetened coconut, organic peppermint oil (contains sunflower oil).


70 g

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