Hogarth Gianduia Dark Hazelnut Chocolate

Combining 30% locally grown hazelnuts with cacao from Puerto Cabello – Venezuela, we create a rich semi-sweet Gianduia bar. Gianduja is a soft hazelnut chocolate, smooth and velvety due to the hazelnut oil lowering the melting temperature of the chocolate. The resulting experience is a silken mouth feel and lingering roasted hazelnut flavor.

The original Gianduja came from northern Italy. Legend tells us that cocoa supplies were limited during the Napoleonic Wars so a chocolate maker in the Piedmonte region added roasted hazelnuts to supplement the cocoa, and Gianduja was born.

Awards: Gold 2017 International Chocolate Awards, Gold 2017 Academy of Chocolate


70 g

Cacao %


Cacao Origin


Bean Variety


Maker Country

New Zealand

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