Enna Chocolate

Enna Chocolate produces micro batches of bean to bar chocolate in Epping, New Hampshire. Enna Grazier, the founder chose to use only 2 ingredients, cacao and sugar for most of her lineup. Her knowledge behind the art and science of chocolate making transforms the beans creating the perfect balance of flavors. These pure single origin bars express some of the finest cocoa sources from the world over. Enna symbol might just look like a cacao pod, but it is actually a representation of a shell which is a symbol used by the Mayan’s for zero. Enna wanted to pay homage to the Mesoamerican culture, the origins of chocolate. Zero represents the baseline of a starting point for any creative outlets. Chocolate making to Enna is a very special process that she believes is a creative way to connect to others.

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Enna Chocolate Trindad 72% Enna Chocolate Trindad 72%