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The Chocolate Tasting Kit

By Eganie Yuh

Chocolate tasting? Yes, chocolate tasting. Just as wine is more than rotten grape juice, chocolate can be so much more than mere sugar fix. Through chocolate, you can visit exotic spots like Madagascar, Venezuela, and Indonesia — all without leaving your dining table.

The Chocolate Tasting Kit is your essential guide to learning how to taste, select, and appreciate all the wonderful varieties. Just add chocolate of your choosing. Or buy this Tasting Kit with gift box of chocolates as a bundle!

Invite family and friends over and throw a Chocolate Tasting Party. What’s inside:

  • 48-page booklet
  • 100-sheet tasting notepad
  • 12 tasting flash cards
  • 1 keepsake envelope for chocolate wrappers

One of North America’s leading chocolate educators, Eagranie Yuh has tasted chocolate, taught classes, and judged competitions around the world. She’s been cited in The Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail, and America’s Test Kitchen, among others.



544 lb

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