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Megan Giller Chocolate Picks + Bean to Bar Book

A collection of chocolate bars selected by Megan Giller, author of Chocolate Noise, plus her book Bean to Bar Chocolate America's Craft Chocolate Revolution. We are excited to present a curated gift box of craft chocolate box hand picked by Megan Giller, food writer, journalist, and chocolate educator.

Along with six chocolate bars from some of her favorite American chocolate makers, this gift includes Bean to Bar Chocolate book, which is a fantastic primer on craft chocolate and includes delicious chocolate recipes.

Chocolates in Megan Giller's Box:

  • Askinosie Dark Chocolate w/ Crunchy Sugar & Vanilla
  • Amano Dos Rios
  • Dick Taylor Madagascar
  • Dandelion Mantuano Venezuela
  • Fruition Maranon Canyon Dark Milk
  • Raak Ghost Pepper

Read her chocolate bar notes on our blog.

Excerpt from her book:

... American makers weren't interest in creating chocolate from scratch in the traditional European style. They viewed the addition of cocoa butter and vanilla as adulterations of the pure ingredients, and they wanted to challenge themselves as well as to develop a new style of chocolate, an American style. That's why many of them focused on using two ingredients: cocoa and sugar. Rather than following the European methods of balancing all flavors to create an even deep chocolate taste, offset with cocoa butter and vanilla, American makers started to exaggerate the natural flavor notes in each variety of cacao, so that you immediately tasted what that bean was about. The resulting chocolate was big, bold and brash — like, well, Americans — and it's inspired a new school of bean-to-bar makers across the world.


220 g

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