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Raphio Ecuador 92%

We listened to our customers who want something darker than 85% chocolate bar, but not all the way 100% sugar free chocolate. A simple mathematics and we arrive at 92% cocoa content. Nice consistent increment from the previous two.

As you get over the idea of searching the faint hint of sweetness, you can really taste and enjoy the nuttiness and earthiness of the chocolate. A good pairing recommendation on this chocolate would be a good glass of dessert wine or port, as well as a good cup of cappuccino in the morning.

Flavors notes you may taste: macadamia nuts, malt, berry.

The owner of the cacao farm of Camino Verde, Vicente Norero, has years of experience in microbiology, which brings a unique approach to cocoa farming. This knowledge and passion for impeccable quality and consistency in beans are the reasons why Camino Verde cacao beans are well-known in the craft chocolate world.


63 g

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