Primo Botanica

<Primo Botanica is a bean to bar chocolate company crafted by two cousins, Oliver and Jay out of Troy, New York. For the past ten years, the duo have been working on farms foraging medicinal foods, learning the culture and even playing around with chocolate. . Oliver received a degree in anthropology to study traditional diets and methods of agriculture of Central and South American cultures. His time there, he also learned about regenerative cacao farming. By working with the locals in the area, Oliver advanced his connection to chocolate and the connection of chocolate to a sustainable economic development. Jay, a certified natural chef has extensive knowledge on therapeutic cooking. He had purchased property in Costa Rica and created strong relationships with Costa Rican cacao farmers.They decided to fuse their passions together translating into unique chocolate. Their passion and knowledge working with medicinal ingredients and their dedication to create a bridge between chocolate and people, they seek to create potent chocolate.The name ‘primo’ means ‘cousin’ and ‘best’ in Spanish but they chose the name to pay homage to the Aztec and Mayan cultures that their cacao beans come from. Primo Botanica uses directly traded cacao beans and infusing their chocolate with therapeutic herbs and spices to great the highest quality chocolate out there.

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Primo Botanica Sesame Lioness 63% (Herbal Mushrooms) Primo Botanica Sesame Lioness 63% (Herbal Mushrooms)


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