Soklet Chocolate

Soklet Chocolate is India's first and only tree to bar chocolate maker. The chocolate is made from cocoa grown in their own plantations in the Anamalai hills in Tamil Nadu. Soklet’s start in actually creating chocolate bars was an accident! The Kumar family has been growing cocoa since around 2005 but it was not until 2015, they began making chocolate from their own beans. They were looking for ways to increase their farms’ value until the topic of making their own chocolate came about! Even with no experience or knowledge in food science, they started making their own chocolate right from their home, which took months to perfect. The name ‘Soklet’ is slang on how chocolate is pronounced in Tamil (their local language). Uniquely enough their packaging designs are inspired by traditional silk sarees! They run their plantation on the principles of permaculture. Their cocoa received an award of Excellence from Biodiversity International and is used by a few other craft chocolate makers too. They are so far the first and only chocolate maker to win an award in 2017 for their beans. Soklet brings you the best of Indian chocolate infused with flavors inspired by the land and culture.

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