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Map Chocolate Who's Umami: Vegan Salted Brown Butter Caramel w/ Black Garlic

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But let’s talk chocolate. first, the caramel: it’s vegan, crafted from oat milk in lieu of dairy, and has a rich creamy brown sugary caramelish, okay, you get where I’m going. everything a caramel should be, in white chocolate form, so yes, perhaps a notch higher. with salt, because the sweet/salt yin/yang is such a pleasure.

and then there’s the black garlic, lending a subtle sweetness owed to the mailliard reaction caused by the heating through the fermentation process.

Ingredients: Fiji craft-pressed cocoa butter, organic panela (non-centrifugal cane sugar), organic gf oats, black garlic, pink sea salt.


57 g

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Bean Variety


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United States

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