Monthly Club Tasting Notes

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from:
Cacao Hunters, A. Morin, Auro, Tobago Estates

Cacao Hunters (Colombia) Sierra Nevada 64% is a bean to bar maker in Colombia that works with local farming communities to showcase chocolate different terroir in the country. Cacao Hunters goes above and beyond to help empower local farmers and educate them on different techniques and sustainable farming practices. Colombia has a variety of heirloom cacao varieties, and Cacao Hunters works to preserve the unique flavors from each origin. This Sierra Nevada bar has hints of red berry, citrus and a touch of cinnamon.

A. Morin (France) Equateur Esmeralda Noir 70% is from a 4th generation chocolate maker in Donzère, France. They have spent year cultivating relationships with their cocoa producers and farmers to create their line of single origin chocolate bars. This chocolate is made with a unique cultivar grown exclusively in Ecuador known as Nacional. This chocolate is floral, spicy and has hints of green nuts.

Auro (Philippines) Reserve Saloy 70% is crafted from a reserve collection of beans of a single estate. Auro has three Reserve bars from three local Filipino estates, Saloy, Tupi and Paquibato. The Saloy estate is located between tropical mountain forests, with fresh spring water flowing through its lush farms. This 2018 harvest had complex tropical and berry fruit with notes of bergamot and cherries. 

Guido Gobino (Italy) Dark 70% is a blended chocolate bar from Italy. Tobacco and leather notes are typical of this chocolate, together with a little acidity and the intense notes of roasted cacao. This Blend Dark Chocolate 70% has been produced using the most aromatic qualities of roasted cacao beans from Latin America.

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