Monthly Club Tasting Notes

Your first box introduces you to a nice range of bean to bar chocolate.

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from:
Definite Chocolate, Pralus, Dick Taylor and Domori

Definite Chocolate (Dominican Republic) OKO Caribe 70%  is a micro batch bean to bar chocolate maker from Dominican Republic. Jens Kamin the founder, sources directly from local cacao producers, and the bars are made at origin. As far as possible, Definite Chocolate uses only locally sourced ingredients to support the local industry and to give a touch of Caribbean feeling to every bar. Definite Chocolate has already won several awards in their early start. This bar is typical of what we'd expect of these beans, a superb balance of fruit and nut, we taste notes of plum, orange zest and hazelnuts.

Pralus (France) Madagascar 75% is a classic European chocolate bar made from Criollo, a rare type of cacao bean. Madagascar is known for their fruit forward aroma and flavors, and this bar consists of red berries, citrus, and even with a deep roast and added cocoa butter, the acidity of this cocoa shines through. While the finish isn't super long, its a well balanced bar that makes for easy munching and is one of Pralus' best selling bars. Chocolate from Madagascar is often regarded as the "gateway cacao" for fine chocolate beginners, as the fruity taste and aromas surprise even the most skeptical.

Dick Taylor (USA) Belize 72% is a multiple award winning bar crafted in Arcata, California by two best friends who are former boat builders. This is a beautiful bar all around: an eye catching letterpress packaging with an intricate, pretty chocolate mold. Dick Taylor also pushes the traditional methods of chocolate making to coax the maximum pure flavor they can from their beans with no added ingredients. Their Belize bar has an intense dried fruit flavor of plum and apricot. It has a nice firm snap, with bright grassy acidity, and a long finish.

Domori (Italy) Tanzania 70% is a bean to bar maker from Italy and has a fine and diverse collection of single origin bars and confections, and this one is our favorite. Before founding Domori, Gianluca Franzoni spent three years in Venezuela to preserve some of the rarest genetic varieties of Criollo cocoa. The beans for this bar are harvested by the Kokoa Kamili cooperative, from the Morogoro region. This bar has dominant notes of cocoa and spices with a fruity finish.