Monthly Club Tasting Notes

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from:
Cacaoteca, Fresco, Belvie, and Maraná 

Cacaoteca (Dominican Republic) El Arca 84% is a tree to bar chocolate maker from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. While much of the fine cacao is exported to makers all over the world which has been beneficial to DR, Cacaoteca decided to only use Dominican beans in order to directly impact the local economy. Working directly with farmers, Cacaoteca works with fresh cacao to showcase the flavors of DR cocoa. This bar is a fruity and intensely fresh pure dark chocolate with no added cocoa butter. Upon opening, the fragrance is of dark fruit, candied lemons and cinnamon. 

Fresco (USA) Ghana Dark Roast 68% based out of Washington state, is back with their recipes with roast and conche making each bar different. Each process within chocolate making holds a key step which affects on how the chocolate will taste. We've featured their Ghanian Dark Roast Medium Conche, made with certified organic cocoa from the ABOCFA farm cooperative. This chocolate is fudgy, rich and 100% delicious. There is a reminisce of roasted nuts and brownie batter upon melt. The melt is a long lasting one with chocolate cake finish.

Belvie (Vietnam) Lam Dong 70% is made exclusively with beans from the province of Lam Dong, Vietnam. This dark chocolate has aromas of wet grass & tea, and tasting notes of citrus, red berries with an slightly spicy finish. Belvie sources cacao from all over Vietnam, showcasing the diversity of flavors in each region of Vietnam. Their award winning chocolate also contributes to the preservation of cacao trees in Vietnam.

Maraná (Peru) Cusco 70% is made with a careful selection of the finest Cusco native cocoa beans from the variety “Chuncho” and grown in the fertile valleys of Quillabamba. An intense nutty flavor that will connect you with the magic of the land of the Incas. Being in Peru, Maraná' focuses their lineup of bars on different single origin terroirs of chocolate from three main regions in Peru. The packaging is inspired by Peruvian native folk art.