Great For Corporate Gift Giving

Create A Lasting Impression 

Bar & Cocoa specializes in corporate or business chocolate gifts. Our custom gift program allows you to choose from many size and customization options, and makes gift giving a breeze.

The World's Best Chocolate 

We choose our bars to bring you the best craft chocolate from bean to bar chocolate makers all over the world. Our chocolate selection is an ultra premium product that will surely impress your recipients.

We have a passion for real chocolate. This chocolate is made with the finest cocoa, and often the fewest ingredients, to highlight the unique flavor profiles and origins.

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes 

We can personalize your chocolate gift box with your logo and personal messaging on a fully custom box sleeve or sticker.

We provide the convenience of a personal touch with each box. Add-on handwritten notes, or have your staff order online for on-demand fulfillment requests. We can also include your materials, and send gifts to individual addresses.

For more information, please call (843) 732-4350 (9am to 6pm EST) or fill out the inquiry form.

Chocolate Gift Box Inquiry 

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