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You wouldn't buy wine from a vending machine, so stop getting chocolate from a grocery store. Chocolate so good, you have to taste it to believe it - direct from cacao growers.

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Award Winning Chocolate Makers

Bar & Cocoa is the premier purveyor of exceptional, ethically sourced, craft chocolate. We offer a diverse selection of bean to bar chocolate from 40 countries featuring 60+ fine chocolate makers.

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Ethically Sourced From Origin



Many think of Switzerland or Belgium when "luxury" chocolate is mentioned. In reality, chocolate is not actually made in those countries! Just like coffee, true quality chocolate is produced in Asia and Latin America. Bar & Cocoa gets our chocolate direct from origin, where Cacao is actually grown.

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Real Chocolate

True premium chocolate is like wine - it has rich, nuanced flavors that vary based on where it’s grown and the variety of cacao beans that are used. Each product we offer is crafted from fine quality cacao, making cocoa not sugar or filler the star ingredient.

Ethically Sourced

Bar & Cocoa stands for ethical and transparent chocolate. We support direct trade that pays and treats farmers and makers well. We source from sustainable farms that don’t use child labor. We offer delicious and diverse flavors that you won’t find in grocery store chocolate.

A journey of discovery awaits you

25,000+ Happy Customers

Discover Chocolate Origins Bundle


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A handpicked selection of the best of the best chocolate that Bar & Cocoa has to offer - the perfect introduction to premium chocolate. Choose from our Asian, Latin, or Mixed origin bundles.

The Asian bundle comes with:
Auro Reserve Luna Dark Milk (50% cacao)
Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate w/ Calamansi (65% cacao)
Belvie Hao Moc (80% cacao)
Belvie Coffee GMV (70% cacao)
Fu Wan Taiwan #3 Black Sugar (70% cacao)
Marou Ba Ria Ginger Lime (69% cacao)
Auro Dark Chocolate (64% cacao)

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25,000+ Happy Customers

Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box


A perfect gift for any occasion, our World Chocolate gift box brings together a selection of 7 or 10 curated full size chocolate bars from award winning chocolate makers.

Go from ordinary grocery store candy chocolate 😲 to 😋! Our 10 bar selection is 1 lb of solid luxe and decadent chocolate.

This gift box will give you over a month of enjoyment, savoring flavors or discovering different origins.

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Made at Origin

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25,000+ Happy Customers

Pralus Pyramide des Tropiques


The flagship product of the world-renowned French patisserie House Pralus. A selection of 50g bars from the world’s 10 greatest vintages: Papua, Indonesia, Sao Tome, Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ghana, Madagascar, Colombia, and Ecuador. A great way to get a taste of single origin chocolate from around the world.

Bean to Bar

Ethically Sourced

Made at Origin

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Happy customers

Once you’ve tasted real chocolate, the other stuff just won’t do. So we made sure everyone could taste the difference. Read real reviews about our chocolate, from our verified customers.

  • “first class all the way”

    Their customer service was fantastic. The packaging of their chocolates is unbelievable. And the chocolates themselves are really really really delicious. Great gift for the chocolate lovers.v

    Andrea, US

  • “best gift ever”

    My husband got this subscription as a gift from his kids. I don't even care for chocolate but this has been so much fun and the chocolate has been amazing. We are going to extend our subscription because we love it so much.

    Jill, US

  • “Exceeded my very high expectations”

    This was so wonderful, it is such a luxury to be able to rely on someone else to select chocolate for me. It is how I learn about chocolate that I have never had before. This is an excellent value, I have a small serving almost daily and I could see this lasting several months or more.

    Alessandria, US

  • “Fantastic variety & great customer service!”

    WE love the variety of chocolates that we get each month! our family does tasting parties. since doing the tasting events my children and our friends are enlightened to the most flavorable chocolates in the world.

    The Mack’s, US

  • “they are amazing”

    They took care of a mistake I did during the process, the bars arrived in perfect condition. The selection is amazing. If you love chocolate, this is the place

    Matthew, UK

  • “great company”

    Bar & Cocoa is one of my favorite companies. Their chocolate is top notch, prices are generally the best around, and shipping is fast. I’ve never had an issue with an order and purchase from B&C 2-3 times per year.

    Georgiana, US

  • “Great chocolate and Fast Delivery”

    Ordered a few bars as part of a birthday present. Great selection to pick from and the chocolate was great.

    Walter, CAN