Acalli Norandino 70%

 The cacao in this bar represents the combined efforts of 123 producers in six communities in the Tumbes region—Uña de Gato, Papayal, Cuchareta, La Palma, Casa Blanqueada, and Pampas de Hospital—all of whom export through the Norandino cooperative. These producers claimed a major prize in 2015, when their cacao was named among the 50 best in the world at the Cacao of Excellence competition.

We find that the cocoa and nut flavors in this chocolate make it exceptionally well-suited for baking and other culinary uses (mole, anyone?).

As with the El Platanal, we don’t add cocoa butter to this bar, so the melt is a little slower and the flavors more lingering.

Tasting Notes: Dried apricot, caramel sweetness, rich and creamy mouthfeel, subdued acidity. Cacao Cultivars: Unclassified, likely a mix of Nacional and upper Amazon varieties.


50 g

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United States

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