Chocolat Madagascar

Chocolat Madagascar Napolitains Squares (15 pieces)


Chocolat Madagascar chocolate mini 5 gram squares in 70% dark chocolate, 50% milk, or 45% white gold. Sourced from Madagascar. 15 pieces of one type in a mesh bag.

Organic Dark 70%
Delicate flavors from the finest origin cocoa. Pure organic ingredients: organic cocoa, raw sugar, and nothing else. 

Organic Milk 50%
A creamy and caramel smooth melting milk chocolate. Ingredients: cacao butter, whole milk powder, cane sugar, Madagascar cocoa beans, GMO free sunflower lecithin

White 34%
A creamy white chocolate made with pure cocoa butter and whole milk, with much less sugar than most white chocolates. Ingredients: Madagascar pure cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cane sugar (Cocoa solids 34% min. Milk solids 27% min)

Second picture is showing size of mini square next to full size bar for reference. (Full size bar is not included.)


75 g

Cacao %


Cacao %


Cacao %


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Bean Variety


Bean Variety


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