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Chocolate Beverage Gift Bundle

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Whether you like classic hot chocolate, or more decadent drinking chocolate this bundle is perfect for sipping on a savory drink when the weather gets cold. Domori Hot Chocolate or Ritual Drinking Chocolate paired with our Bar & Cocoa stainless steel tumbler will keep your drink warm, all winter long. 

Domori Hot Chocolate Mix (Box of 6 30g packets): Dense pleasure, unmistakable flavor, easy and fast to prepare hot chocolate with a few quality ingredients. (Ingredients: Cane sugar, cocoa powder (32%), modified starch.)

Ritual Drinking Chocolate Mid Mountain 65% (8oz): A balanced blend of all the Ritual origins that highlights the subtle tasting notes of each origin- fruity, nutty, earthy, chocolatey, and floral. This blend is named after Park City’s Mid Mountain mountain bike trail. Makes about 9 servings. (Ingredients: Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar)


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