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Duffy's Ecuador Milk Nibs w/ Smoked Salt 43%

Duffy's Ecuador Milk Nibs w/ Smoked Salt 43%

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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Biscuity milk chocolate with crunchy cocoa and oak-smoked salt. Camino Verde beans make a creamy milk chocolate. We mould half the bar, sprinkle salt and cocoa nibs on and them mould the other half. The nibs give a nutty crunchy texture and the smoked salt makes it melt in the mouth. This bar is consistently a favorite with customers.

Ingredients: Single origin cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder, sunflower lecithin.

Contains dairy


Organic Sugar


Peanut Free"

Peanut Free

Soy Free

Soy Free

Treenut Free

Treenut Free

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

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Duffy's Chocolate

Duffy's Chocolate is a small scale craft chocolate maker in Licolnshire, UK. They make 30 kg small batches of chocolate at a time. Duffy's source all their cacao directly, of particular note is the Indio Rojo chocolate sourced from Honduras. Duffy has won multiple awards for his lineup of single origin bars. The bars are unique as they depend on each year's harvest.

Cacao Region

Guayas, Ecuador

Guayas is a coastal province in western Ecuador, home to the city of Guayaquil, which is both the nation’s largest city and the main port of the country. Thanks in no small part to Guayaquil— undeniably the center of the region’s economy & culture— Guayas is also the most populous province in Ecuador. The majority of its land is dedicated to agriculture, in turn dominated by sugarcane, rice, and various tropical fruits.

Cacao Estate

Camino Verde

The Camino Verde (Spanish for green path) cacao brand started off as a single estate endeavor by fermentation expert & microbiologist Vicente Norero. Over the years it’s evolved into a centralized fermentary in the Duran region, sourcing cacao from a number of nearby farmers in order to process all of it in one place. With Vicente’s deep understanding of fermentation methods, he produces a variety of flavor profiles using both his own cacao and that from nearby farms. While the blend of estates also means a range of unique tasting notes, all Camino Verde cacao is carefully processed and certified organic.

Cacao Strain


Nacional is one of those ten evolutionarily unique types identified in 2008, using samples collected throughout the Americas over the previous century. Samples proven to be of the nacional cluster were taken from Ecuador and northern Peru, where it’s considered one of the traditional cacao cultivars; it was domesticated by indigenous Ecuadorians over 5000 years ago, reaching far beyond its small native growing region. Many years ago, however, the cultivar neared extinction as more productive clones replaced the region’s native trees. Nacional is known to be fruity & floral, with some astringency and almost no bitterness.

Customer Reviews

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Delicious chocolate, no smoke though

This chocolate was delicious. it was sweeter than expected but in a good way. The one thing that keeps this chocolate from getting five stars is that it has smoked salt as an ingredient but doesn't have any smoky flavor to it at all. if you're looking for a sweet and somewhat salty chocolate then this is what you want. if you want a smoky chocolate, look elsewhere.