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Fruition Marañón Canyon Dark Milk 68%

Fruition Marañón Canyon Dark Milk 68%

Weight: 60 g

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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Woman Owned

Woman Owned

Tasting Notes: Fruition continues to impress us with their ability to make dark bars taste so smooth and creamy, and this dark milk bar is no exception. On the high side for a dark milk bar, there are tasting notes of toffee brittle, malt and roasted hazelnuts. The sweet pure Nacional beans shine through with beautiful yet subtle tropical fresh fruit flavors and honey, but are more strongly followed by a deep buttery chocolate toffee finish. Awards: 2017 Good Food, 2017 Gold Academy of Chocolate

Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter

*May contain traces of nuts and milk.

Contains dairy


Organic Sugar


Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Soy Free

Soy Free

Manufactured in a facility which also processes treenuts

Trace Treenut

Manufactured in a facility which also processes wheat or gluten

Trace Gluten

ICA-gold-2016 Award GF-2017 Award AOC-silver-2018 Award
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Fruition Chocolate

Fruition Chocolate was created in 2011 by Bryan Graham located in Shokan, NY. Graham, was always interested in pastry as a young boy and has worked his way as a pastry chef. Over the years, Fruition is keen on exceptional attention to detail from the calibration of ingredients, packaging, and appearance of the bar (mold, snap, color) make them one of our top bean to bar craft chocolate makers in the world. Fruition has won many awards for their bars over the years, including ‘Best in Competition” Fruition was one of the first bean to bar makers to experiment with new concepts such as bourbon-barrel aging and creating bars with just two ingredients.

Cacao Region

Marañón Canyon, Peru

The Marañón River is the mainstem source of the Amazon River, flowing through a deeply-eroded Andean valley called the Marañón Canyon, also known as Marañón River Valley. Northern Peru’s famous nacional bean was rediscovered in this area many years ago, a finding which has since brought incredible fame to the Don Fortunato Farm, as well as the entire region’s cacao (no matter the varietal). The Marañon River is the second-longest river in Peru.

Cacao Estate


The name “Fortunato” has become rather famous in the fine chocolate world, now associated with the internationally-recognized Peruvian nacional cacao varietal. But did you know that Fortunato isn’t a cacao varietal, but a name? Don Fortunato (Spanish for ‘Mr. Fortunato’) is the cacao farmer on whose land this nacional cacao strain was re-discovered, in northern Peru’s Marañón Canyon. Don Fortunato and his wife participate in each harvest and, using machetes, open pods and assist in removing the beans. Sealed buckets with wet cacao beans are then transported by donkey from the farm to the family home, weighed, and immediately paid for; the beans begin fermentation the same day. Because only a very small amount of this cacao is harvested each year, makers treat this holy grail of cacao with a commensurately high amount of care & respect.

Cacao Strain


Marañon is one of those ten evolutionarily unique types identified in 2008, using samples collected throughout the Americas over the previous century. Samples proven to be part of the marañon cluster were found in northern Peru and western Brazil, so named after northern Peru’s Marañon River, along which most of the cluster’s samples were collected. Note that marañon is NOT the same as the nacional cluster, which is native to an overlapping region of the Peruvian Upper Amazon, but genetically distinct.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
So good

I really enjoy this chocolate! It is fruit forward to me with a bit of creaminess, which I really love.

James W.
Great dark milk chocolate

This Fruition 68% dark milk chocolate is fantastic! It has an extremely smooth, rapid melt, with strong dark chocolate and milk flavor. They have developed a great flavor with only whole milk powder added. As a bonus, my 60 gram bar weighed 68 grams!


Tired of regular chocolate? Try this Peruvian one with a secret flavoring list that includes flowers, herbs, and nuts (golden syrup, bitter orange blossom, blanched cashew, licorice detected). The milk is ushered into the deep background, so you can disregard the dark milk label and chuck this one into the dark-and-spiced drawer of your chocolate cabinet.

Third time buying this

My favorite dark milk chocolate. Fruity and creamy. Not too sweet. Only the texture gives away that it's a milk chocolate and not a dark.

Really nice

A creamy, tangy bar with a unique flavor. I agree with the label tasting notes of cashew and bergamot. Glad I tried this one.