Fruition Noe Dark Chocolate 80%

What happens when two of America's leading artisan chocolate companies come together?  Something spectacularly rare and special.

With this bar, Eclat Chocolate and Fruition Chocolate Works would like to introduce a single origin, single farm chocolate.  Named after the farmer, Noe Vasquez, the only producer to grow the largest cocoa bean variety known to northern Peru, this bean is a perfect cross of Nacional and Criollo varieties that showcases a light, yet sophisticated flavor.  Due to the unusually large cocoa beans and the cocoa pod's thin husk, these beans have only a 1-day harvest window, and are so difficult to grow commercially that this variety has never been offered for sale as chocolate.  Enjoy this taste exploration!

Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar


60 g

Cacao %


Cacao Origin


Bean Variety


Bean Variety


Maker Country

United States

Maker State

New York

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