Labooko Time Travel Peru Criollo 70%

Have you ever heard of the magic words of chocolate production: Criollo and conching? Here you can let the words melt in your mouth! Amarru is pure Criollo. This excellent cocoa is a real rarity. With a double Amarru we invite you to conduct a connoisseur experiment: The same type of cocoa, the same recipe, different conching time – either 16 hrs. or 20 hrs.

Fragrance notes: black tea, dried fruit, raisins, grapes (more restrained in the 16-h version, more intense in the 20-h variation)

Taste notes: very sweet and mild chocolate character, caramel, whipped cream, raisin aroma, nutty and fruity finish (more pronounced in the 20-h version)


70 g

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