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Map Chocolate #cacaolove series n1: nano lot, dry season: Tabasco Mexico 66% dark

I feel fortunate to have received the only two bags of this heirloom cacao that were harvested and fermented last fall. The small grower’s co-op I source my “regular” Tabasco beans from {Horse With No Name is made from those} harvested a limited crop of cacao grown without irrigation, dependent totally upon rainfall…which was sorely lacking last summer. To top it off (bad pun—keep reading) during drying after fermentation the region was hit by a devastating storm which blew away the drying yard cover, destroying all but this small lot of beans that miraculously, remained covered and dry.

The beans are smaller than average, which, to larger-scaled makers is not always attractive. For me, though, I’ve found through my years roasting for Chocolate Alchemy {yes, the esteemed Father of Craft Chocolate}, is that small beans, though lacking in size, nearly all the time make up for it with beautiful flavor.

I am in love with this chocolate. And when have you ever heard me speak so boldly? warm apricot at the start, a soft floral midsection, with end notes of gentle spice.

Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.


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