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Map Chocolate

Map Chocolate The Mystic Eye - Mexican Hot Chocolate 45%

Maker Notes This bar is our humble attempt to pay homage to the cozy-up-and-get-warm realm of Mexican hot chocolate. which, it might be stated fairly + squarely, we adore. Sweet spice meets chile heat meets the surprising delight of dried corn ground into rich chocolate, with the tension held back in the melangeur (chocolate grinder) to allow the texture of the cornmeal and wisps of crunch from the cocoa nibs to come through, old world style. our choice for the cornmeal is organic blue corn, and we selected organic spices to whip up a house mix with a balance of flavor and just enough heat.

Contains dairy. Made from Peru Finca Estela microlot cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic cocoa butter, organic spices, organic blue cornmeal.

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