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Bar & Cocoa

Ultra Dark Chocolate Gift Box

Need a gift for the adventurous dark chocolate lover? Here are 6 ultra dark chocolate bars ranging from 78% to 100% presented and packed in our pretty Bar & Cocoa Red Heart Gift Box. AND a hand written note card to give the gift a nice personal touch!

We include two 100% pure cacao bars from Akesson and Pralus, great for guilt free and sugar free indulgent. However, if you're sure you don't want 100%, simply select "No" and we'll swap those two out with a couple 75%-80% bars instead.

Include in both box options are also a 99% bar with a touch of sugar and added cacao butter, and three other uber dark bars that will change how you look at (or taste) dark chocolate forever. These are not your bitter grocery store variety bars. Contrast our 85% premium chocolate bitterness with a 70% industrial dark chocolate in a blind taste test, and you may be shocked to find out that you select the 70% industrial chocolate as being "darker."

(We reserve the right to swap out a chocolate with an equally amazing bar if we have inventory issues.)

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