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Interview with William Marx, Founder of Wm. Chocolate

Pashmina Lalchandani @ 2020-09-21 17:53:49 -0600

Authored by Estelle Tracy. Reposted. You know that saying, “tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are” by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin? In the chocolate-making world, I find that knowing a chocolate-maker’s tastes and personality provides valuable insight on the maker’s product. That’s especially the case with small batch makers who run their company solo: what I like about these makers is that they also tend to manage their own social media and a quick look at a maker’s Instagram is enough to give a glimpse of the maker’s personality. Take Map Chocolate, for instance: when I first stumbled...

Three Paris Chocolate Shops You Must Visit

Pashmina Lalchandani @ 2020-09-21 17:56:45 -0600

Author: Estelle Tracy If you’ve watched any of my chocolate reviews on YouTube, you know I have a French accent — a real, authentic French accent resulting from 23 years in France. Because my family and friends still live there, I make a point to visit every couple of years. This spring, after a three-year stretch without eating a Parisian baguette, I booked a round-trip ticket to the City of Lights. This trip to France was my first as a chocolate-lover and I was excited to explore the city through the lens of my new passion. I wanted to bring back as many chocolate bars...

Eat Real Chocolate.

Pashmina Lalchandani @ 2020-08-19 00:57:21 -0600

If you’ve seen any of our boxes, cards or paraphernalia, you’ll notice we often use the slogan “Eat Real Chocolate.” What do we mean? Well, we’re implying a few things: We encourage you to eat dark chocolate, because if it’s not at least half chocolate (50%) and ideally around 70%, how can you consider it real chocolate? If it’s loaded with sugar or other ingredients, that’s not chocolate, it’s candy. We encourage you to eat high quality chocolate made from real and natural ingredients. We encourage you to eat chocolate that does not have too many additional ingredients, or too much additional cocoa butter (that’s cheating), or where the...