About Bar & Cocoa

Quality Begins with Ethics

Ethics is a key ingredient to the world’s best chocolate. Bar & Cocoa’s selection supports a supply chain that is not only more transparent than fair trade or big-brand chocolate but also tastier! The makers we feature source their cacao through direct trade. Therefore, local cacao farmers are paid better and makers can nurture higher standards for premium quality cacao and sustainable agroforestry.

Taste the Difference. Discover Real Chocolate.

At Bar & Cocoa, we meticulously select our chocolate offerings. Each product we offer is crafted from fine quality cacao, making cocoa — not sugar or filler — the star ingredient. You can taste the uniqueness and complexity of different cacao origins with nuanced flavors, unlike mass-produced chocolate.

This is an elevated experience that meets our exacting standards. Eat Real Chocolate. It’s better for you, the environment and it tastes really good.

About Us

Once you’ve tasted real chocolate, the other stuff just won’t do.

Bar & Cocoa is proud to house over 70+ chocolate makers from 40+ countries. We curate and add new chocolate makers as the craft chocolate scene grows. Our small but mighty team in Denver, CO packs each order with care to ensure your chocolate arrives safely to your door.

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