Cacao Hunters

Cacao Hunters transforms cacao beans from different corners of Colombia into single terroir chocolate bars. They promote and encourage farmers dedicated to producing wild and heirloom cacao varieties, and help them with their farming practices to improve the fine flavor cacao. Cacao Hunters sustainable practices go beyond producing the best Colombian chocolate by preserving rare varieties of cocoa production. Cacao Hunters, among other Colombian makers have helped change the lifestyle and generate a better quality of life for many people including farmers. In the past, Colombia was ridden with coca farms, creating a harsh and dangerous society. The government decided to implement cacao beans to create a better and safer economy, warding away the crime and drugs into the country. The cacao industry has struggled to take off at first because there has not been much attention to the cacao producers and focusing on the quality. Cacao Hunters mission has helped transform the Colombian cacao industry, making it one of the top producers.Cacao Hunters value the indigenous people of the country that help preserve the quality and nature of their hard work that goes into the cacao farming. They are part of an ongoing research to develop new bars while highlighting new flavor profiles from cacao all over the country.

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