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Common Shipping Q's

I Received a Delivery Notification But It's Not Here!

If you received a notification that your order has been "delivered' but cannot find it, please wait 24 hours before contacting customer service. In many cases, a package is prematurely marked as delivered and it will arrive within 24 hours.

In some cases packages accidently get delivered to your neighbor, so we recommend checking in with them about your shipment.

My Order is Damaged, Lost or Melted.

Please message us with your order number using the chat below and we'll make it right. We'll track it down and take care of it for you.

When Does My Order Ship?

We monitor weather and transit time to determine when we can ship, to ensure the chocolate arrives to you safely. If temperatures are too hot we reserve the right to hold your order until it is cooler. During the summer, orders ship on business days Monday through Thursday to prevent melt.

Club Subscribers:

Bar & Cocoa subscriptions ship out immediately for the first month, and then on the same day every month for all subsequent deliveries.