Dark Chocolate Club

Discover the best chocolate bars from all over the world.

Every month, your chocolate subscription box contains four full sized dark bars from the finest bean to bar chocolate makers. All chocolate bars are plain, gluten, and dairy free dark chocolate. Shipping is free!

Featuring award winning chocolate makers.
Dark chocolate club



You receive four, full-sized dark chocolate bars of different cacao origins, made by the world’s best chocolate makers.


We bring you chocolate that are hard to get, and not likely at your local store.


Your first box ships within 2-3 days, and then on the 2nd week of every month. We use minimal, eco friendly materials.

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Why Craft Chocolate?

Award Winning Chocolate Makers

Bar & Cocoa is the premier purveyor of exceptional craft chocolates from over 70 award winning chocolate makers. We hand pick exceptional makers to feature.

Premium Ethically Sourced Chocolate

Ethics is a key ingredient to the world’s best chocolate. Our selection supports a supply chain that is more transparent than fair trade and big-brand chocolate — and tastier!

Discover Real Chocolate

The chocolate we offer is crafted from fine quality cacao, making cocoa — not sugar or filler — the star ingredient. You can taste the uniqueness and complexity of different cacao origins with nuanced flavors, unlike mass-produced chocolate.

some of our featured makers