About Bar & Cocoa 


Why This Chocolate?

At Bar & Cocoa our selection of chocolate is pure. The chocolate we carry is crafted from fine quality cacao, making cocoa, and not sugar or filler, the star ingredient. You can taste the uniqueness and complexity of different cacao origins, not found in mass produced chocolate.

Learn more about bean to bar here.

Quality Begins With Ethics 

We believe ethics is a key ingredient to the world’s best chocolate. The makers we feature engage in or source their cacao through direct trade. Farmers get paid more and makers can nurture higher standards for premium quality cacao and sustainable agroforestry. Bean to bar chocolate creates a supply chain that is more ethical than Fair Trade or big brand chocolate.

Curation Like You've Never Seen 

Our team finds the best chocolate makers around the world and shares their craft with you. We aim to elevate your experience with chocolate, with a selection of makers that meet our exacting standards. We’re on a mission to make people happy, one piece of chocolate at a time.

Bar & Cocoa History 

In 2015, Bar & Cocoa founders Pashmina and Chris set out to make bean to bar chocolate easily accessible, with a craft chocolate subscription service. Soon after they moved into e-commerce and retail to create one of the world's largest selection of bean to bar chocolate. Bar & Cocoa hosts over 70+ makers from 40+ countries.

We are constantly adding new chocolates as the craft chocolate scene grows. Each order is hand packed by our staff in Denver, CO.

Eat real chocolate because it's better for you, the environment, and the people that make chocolate possible. 

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