About Bar & Cocoa

Making people happy, one piece of chocolate at a time.

How Do You Select Your Chocolate?

co-founder massaging cacao

We constantly research and taste test — for real! More importantly, we are committed to showcasing chocolate that has a positive impact on the cocoa industry; supporting ethical trade, and sustainable farming practices. It just so happens that this usually yields cocoa beans that result in some of the best chocolate in the world.

We've had amazing opportunities to visit chocolate makers and cacao farms all over the world. Did you know we have a catalog of bean to bar chocolate makers available online?

What is Bean to Bar Chocolate?

Bean to bar chocolate makers process cocoa beans in-house to produce some of the most delicious chocolate available. By controlling the entire process from bean selection to conching, we get to experience better tasting chocolate. As an added benefit, because the makers are engaged in direct trade, they have a positive impact on the cacao workers and communities.

Much of craft chocolates is from a single origin bean, and is produced with the fewest ingredients. The cocoa bean becomes the star of the show, and the flavor of a chocolate sourced from Madagascar or Peru will vary greatly, just as it does with grapes and wine. Bar & Cocoa has access to an entire world of bean to bar and craft chocolate.

Bar & Cocoa History

Bar & Cocoa was founded in May 2015 by Pashmina and Chris under the original name Choco Rush. They share a passion for good chocolate and convenience. Pashmina obsesses over curating the chocolate bars for the store and writes all your tasting notes. (That's her in the top picture at a cacao farm in Costa Rica.) Chris ensures that every experience you have with Bar & Cocoa is a happy one. All our packages are hand packed by Chris (and sometimes family and friends) in Charleston, South Carolina.

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