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About Bar & Cocoa

A real passion for real chocolate.

How do you select your chocolate?

We constantly research and taste test. More importantly, we are committed to showcasing craft chocolate that has a positive impact on the cocoa industry; by supporting ethical trade, and sustainable farming practices. It just so happens that this usually yields cocoa beans that result in some of the best chocolate in the world. We've had amazing opportunities to visit chocolate makers and cacao farms all over the world. Did you know we keep track of all the bean to bar chocolate makers in the world?

What is Bean to Bar Chocolate?

Bean to bar chocolate or craft chocolate, is chocolate made from scratch. Chocolate makers control the entire process from bean selection to conching, to molding their bars. As an added benefit, many makers are engaged in direct trade, which has a positive impact on the workers and communities of cacao farmers.

Much of craft chocolate is from a single origin, and is produced with the fewest and finest ingredients. Similar to grapes and wine, the cocoa bean becomes the star of the show yielding specific and unique flavor profiles from different regions.

Bar & Cocoa History

In 2015, Bar & Cocoa founders Pashmina and Chris set out to make bean to bar chocolate easily accessible, with a craft chocolate subscription service. Soon after they moved into e-commerce and retail to create one of the world's largest selection of bean to bar chocolate. Bar & Cocoa hosts over 70+ makers from 40+ countries.

We are constantly adding new chocolates as the craft chocolate scene grows. Each order is hand packed by our staff in Charleston, SC.

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