The name “Fortunato” has become rather famous in the fine chocolate world, now associated with the internationally-recognized Peruvian nacional cacao varietal. But did you know that Fortunato isn’t a cacao varietal, but a name? Don Fortunato (Spanish for ‘Mr. Fortunato’) is the cacao farmer on whose land this nacional cacao strain was re-discovered, in northern Peru’s Marañón Canyon. Don Fortunato and his wife participate in each harvest and, using machetes, open pods and assist in removing the beans. Sealed buckets with wet cacao beans are then transported by donkey from the farm to the family home, weighed, and immediately paid for; the beans begin fermentation the same day. Because only a very small amount of this cacao is harvested each year, makers treat this holy grail of cacao with a commensurately high amount of care & respect.

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Fruition Marañón Canyon Dark Milk 68% Fruition Marañón Canyon Dark Milk 68%