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Fjåk Brown Cheese Milk Chocolate 45% (Nordic Collection)

Fjåk Brown Cheese Milk Chocolate 45% (Nordic Collection)

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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Woman Owned

Woman Owned

Round creamy milk chocolate with a crunch of Norwegian goat cheese from Undredal Stølsysteri & Nordic salt from North Sea Salt Works.

The cocoa beans come from PISA, Haiti. PISA is the only company purchasing and centrally fermenting wet cacao, and as a result able to sell it at a higher price for its higher quality.

Ingredients: cacao beans*, unrefined cane sugar*, dry milk*, cacao butter*, goat brown cheese & salt (organic). May contain traces of nuts, gluten and dairy.

Certified EU Organic

EU Organic

Contains dairy


Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Soy Free

Soy Free

Manufactured in a facility which also processes treenuts

Trace Treenut

Manufactured in a facility which also processes wheat or gluten

Trace Gluten

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Fjåk Chocolate

Fjåk Chocolate, Norway’s first bean to bar chocolate maker! Fjåk focuses on ethically traded, organic cacao beans while using fresh ingredients inspired by their surrounding Nordic nature. Starting the chocolate journey in 2015, owners Agur and Siv spent two years experimenting and perfecting their chocolate. Fjåk was officially launched in 2017 and already won multiple awards by 2018. The name Fjåk comes from the Hardanger dialect, where people in the region would refer to each other as fjåk. It roughly translates to ‘loveable’ or ‘honest’ and well chocolate is the most loveable thing in the world!

Cacao Region

Acul Du Nord, Haiti

Acul-du-Nord is an arrondissement in the Nord Department of Haiti, a Caribbean nation which shares an island with the Dominican Republic. In terms of economic and financial infrastructure, the region is rather thinly equipped; most residents depend upon agriculture as their main source of livelihood. Common crops in Acul-du-Nord are coffee, rice, and a variety of tropical fruits, though it’s also become common to practice beekeeping & honey harvesting. The central cacao fermentary run by Produits Des Iles SA (PISA) has been a game-changer for the quality of cacao coming out of this region.

Cacao Estate


Produits Des Iles SA (PISA) is one of the few groups in Haiti working to export single-origin Haitian cacao, a battle they’ve been taking on since their inception in 2012. Prior to PISA’s establishment, basically all Haitian cacao was sold in the commodity market at dirt-cheap prices, despite the fact that neighboring Dominican Republic’s industry was booming. So the group decided to take on the task themselves, buying wet cacao from local farmers and processing it centrally in a northern facility. PISA’s beans are described by importer Uncommon Cacao as the “perfect storm of chocolate, caramelized sugars, and juicy dark berries,” and we couldn’t agree more. While makers’ choices play a large role in the final flavor, these notes are steadfast and hard to ignore. All PISA cacao is certified organic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rachel G.

This #norwegianmade bar is incredibly savory, creamy and smooth 🤤 You can smell and taste subtle notes of the goat milk funk, with something akin to caramel (that famous *brown cheese! 🧀🤔)

The texture is crazy fun too, since once you let it soften on your tongue, it has a fudgey consistency, with detectable flakes of sea salt. I plan to give some to my in-laws to taste, since they notoriously do not care for goat milk--I think this could convert them!

*😯 Brown cheese technically isn't cheese at all! The water from whey of goat's milk is boiled down until the sugars caramelize. The caramel-like goop is cooled until you get a nice block of brown 'cheese'. It's a versatile favorite of Norway in both sweet and savory applications. In my limited experience with it, chocolate is a fabulously delicious application 😍


Really nice salty-sweet taste. The brunost pairs really nicely with the chocolate.

Emily G.

Two words. Buy it! I purchased on a whim and I'm picky with my chocolate. This exceeded my expectations.

Delicious! - Recommend

I saw how well this bar was received and had to try it. Was definitely not disappointed! It is a milky and creamy chocolate bar with a unique flavor profile and a little bit of crunch. Definitely something that I would go back to somewhat frequently. Would recommend!


There is a reason this bar has won so many awards. The flavor is amazing. The melt is creamy and fudgy. Just be careful or you may eat the whole bar in one sitting!