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Original Beans Cru Udzungwa w/ Nibs 70%

Original Beans Cru Udzungwa w/ Nibs 70%

Weight: 70 g

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Reasons to Love

Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Warm whispers of orange and toffee reverberate as the Ultra Rare Cru Udzungwa makes its way through your senses, echoing the mountain elephants' playfully winding journey from the forest to the savanna.

AOC-silver-2017 Award

Certified EU Organic

EU Organic

Manufactured in a facility which also processes dairy

Trace Dairy

Peanut Free

Peanut Free

Sesame Free

Sesame Free

Soy Free

Soy Free

Manufactured in a facility which also processes Tree Nuts

Trace Tree Nut

No animal products, and vegan sugar or alternative sweetener


Gluten Free

Gluten Free


Ingredients: organic cacao mass, organic raw cane sugar, organic cacao butter (cacao 75% minimum)


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    True chocolate has rich, nuanced flavors. Like wine it can vary by the variety of cacao beans, and where it's grown.


    Chocolate makers that source cacao at high standards beyond Fair Trade, and produce responsibly.


    A diverse selection sourced from the top 2% of all chocolate in the world.


    Once you’ve tasted pure chocolate, the other stuff won’t do. Read verified customer reviews.


Original Beans

Original Beans is passionate about being actively involved in the conservation of their cacao sources from Congo to Bolivia. They pride themselves on an ethical direct trade of their beans to ensure cacao farmers can achieve a livable income. They currently support 175 farming families full time. Original Beans finds the world’s rarest cacao beans to transform their unique flavors into incredible chocolate. What makes Original Beans unique, are the world's 50 best chefs that come together and work in creating the best chocolate bars. Through Original Beans hard efforts, they have already preserved heirloom and regional cacao varieties from nearing extinction! It all started back in 2008 when Philipp Kauffmann pursued his dream in creating a 100% regenerative business that gives more to the Earth than it takes. Kauffmann is the 7th generation of recognized forest scientists and explorers. Original Beans wrappers are environmentally friendly, packaged with the first garden compostable foil, made of woodfoil and cardboard which reduces negative environmental impacts by 82%. Every single bar you buy plants a tree in the rainforest, following the "one bar one tree" creed, and have already grown over 2 million trees! One of their bars, Femme de Virguna planted a quarter of a million cacao trees, and ultimately saved Congo’s forest from utter destruction!

Cacao Region

Udzungwa Park, Tanzania

The Udzungwa Mountains are a mountain range in south-central Tanzania, and home to a biodiverse community of both regional and endemic flora & fauna. The National Park contains some rainforest, as well as more than 400 bird species, 2500 plant species, and the second-largest overall biodiversity of any national park in Africa.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jenny S.
Amazing Flavour and Texture

This one is a winner all around, from the packaging to the chocolate. The box is very nicely designed (allowing re-closing for storage) and Eco-friendly. The nibs are just the right size to provide a crunchy texture but not distracting. The chocolate has a lovely tint of sourness with a rich and fragrant body, leaving the mouth with a clean aftertaste. I love it!

Original Beans Udzungwa 70% With Nibs

I'm not usually a 'nib bar' person but this one is perfection itself. Its a blissfully melty chocolate with bright notes of toffee and orange with nutty nibs adding some delectable crunch without being distracting.

Original Beans Cru Udzungwa w/ Nibs 70%

This bar represents my guilty pleasure, It is dark but sweet, The caramel notes and crunchy texture are my weakness here. It is also floral, citrusy (orange), and sweet tropical fruit flavors.

Bright tart and chocolaty

Good snap, tart nose. Initially citrus on the tongue following with fudgy chocolate flavor. Texture is smooth around the inclusions. I don't get a lot of toffee but notice the lovely cacao nib when chewing. I don't care for inclusion bars but this one works. Finish is long, still citrus and fudge. I think the nib inclusions add a lot of the bright citrus component so if you enjoy nibs, you'll love this.


I usually prefer plain bars to ones with nibs, but this one wouldn't be the same without them. The texture of the nibs works really well with the toffee notes. There is a little citrusy sweetness as well. I would agree with the "Playful" description on the front of the package.