Chocolate Awards: Competitions for the Best Chocolate

International Chocolate Awards

The International Chocolate Awards is an annual competition that recognizes and rewards the finest artisan and craft chocolate makers from around the world. The awards were founded in 2012 by chocolate expert and journalist, Paul A. Young, and former CEO of the Academy of Chocolate, Suzie Suchet.

The competition is judged by a panel of international experts, including chocolate makers, pastry chefs, and industry professionals. The judges evaluate a wide range of chocolate products, including bars, bonbons, and chocolate-covered confections, using a scoring system that takes into account factors such as taste, texture, and appearance.

In addition to the awards, the International Chocolate Awards also organizes educational events and workshops to help raise awareness and understanding of artisan and craft chocolate. These events are designed to educate consumers about the process of making chocolate from bean to bar, and to promote the work of small-scale chocolate makers.

Academy of Chocolate

The Academy of Chocolate is a UK-based organization that was founded in 2005 to promote and celebrate the art and craft of chocolate making. The Academy is made up of a group of chocolate experts, including chocolate makers, writers, and industry professionals, who work together to support and promote the craft chocolate industry.

One of the main ways that the Academy of Chocolate supports craft chocolate makers is through its annual awards program, which recognizes and rewards the best artisan chocolate producers in the UK and around the world. The awards are judged by a panel of experts using a similar scoring system to the International Chocolate Awards.

Both the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate have played a significant role in raising awareness and appreciation of craft chocolate. By recognizing and rewarding the efforts of small-scale chocolate makers, they have helped to support the growth and development of the craft chocolate industry. They have also helped to educate consumers about the importance of supporting small-scale producers and the unique flavors and qualities of craft chocolate.

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