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Ever wondered how you can taste chocolate like an expert? These tips will elevate your chocolate tasting experience. 

First: Start With Good Chocolate 

Finding good chocolate can be a challenge if you don’t live in places like NYC or San Francisco. Organic and specialty stores carry a lot of decent chocolate, which is like going from boxed wine to $10 table wine. Better, but still not great. That's why we started our dark chocolate club!

The brands and craft makers we carry have been vetted, taste tested, and are in a class of their own. Sure, prices double from $4 to $9-11 a bar, but when considered in comparison to other “best” tastes in the world, this is an incredible deal.

The best wine or whiskey in the world may cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. The best cut of steak can go from $8 to $60 quickly. As of right now chocolate has a much smaller cap, the best bars can be had for $12-$20.

A Video About Original Beans Beni Wild 66%

Read the Wrapper, Look at the Bar 

What ingredients does this chocolate maker use? Two ingredients (cacao, sugar) is ideal for some but certainly not mandatory. What is the maker’s story? What percentage are you eating? Where did the cocoa beans come from?

Chocolate is made from cacao which is a fruit! And chocolate from Belize will taste very different from chocolate with beans from Madagascar. The chocolate bar will even look different from a brighter reddish brown to a deep dark brown depending on where the fruit comes from.

Try Different Origins!

Trying bars made with beans from different countries, will give you a range of flavors and help you determine what you like —just as you would with wine. Malbec or Pinot Noir? Fruit forward Madagascar or nutty Ecuador?