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Amano Guayas 70%

Amano Guayas 70%

Weight: 85 g

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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

This bar is made from Nacional cacao beans from Ecuador. The cacao comes from plantations on the Guayas River flood-plain (hence the name) where the trees are old and enormous and the cacao is still pure after so many generations. This is an incredibly smooth bar that fills your mouth with complex flavors. While it is tempting to chew, allowing it to melt will reveal blackberry, molasses, cedar and green banana with a slight tannin finish.

Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Pure Cane Sugar, Whole Vanilla Bean

May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and milk products

Certified Kosher Check

Kosher Check

Manufactured in a facility which also processes dairy

Trace Dairy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Manufactured in a facility which also processes soy

Trace Soy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes treenuts

Trace Treenut

No animal products, but sweetened with non-organic refined sugar


Manufactured in a facility which also processes wheat or gluten

Trace Gluten

AOC-silver-2016 Award
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Amano Artisan Chocolate

Amano is a small batch chocolate producer located in Orem, Utah. The founder Art Pollard seeks out unusual cacao beans, buying them directly from farms, and sometimes even working with the farmers to improve fermentation and drying. First hand control over the process ensures the best quality cacao to make the best chocolate possible. Amano has won many awards including International Chocolate Awards, Good Food Awards, London Academy of Chocolate, and more. When Pollard decided he wanted to tackle the world of chocolate making, many people didn’t think it was possible. Amano has proven their dedication, by creating their own machines from scratch, and learning everything there is to learn about chocolate.

Cacao Region

Guayas, Ecuador

Guayas is a coastal province in western Ecuador, home to the city of Guayaquil, which is both the nation’s largest city and the main port of the country. Thanks in no small part to Guayaquil— undeniably the center of the region’s economy & culture— Guayas is also the most populous province in Ecuador. The majority of its land is dedicated to agriculture, in turn dominated by sugarcane, rice, and various tropical fruits.

Customer Reviews

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Walter G.

Nice mix of flavors

Love it!

Beautiful bar, aroma, and tasty.
Must try!

Amano Guayas 70%

Amano makes chocolate that is bewitching and as close to paradisiacal as it gets - flavor, texture, aroma, well compensated farmers.. all the bonus points. This bar is my particular favorite - I adore rich chocolate flavor; in particular the notes of walnut, blackberry and smoke. I also love the slightly grainier texture of this bar versus Amano's usual high gloss mouthfeel - I think it adds a brownie-like special something that enhances this bars exceptionality.

Amano Guayas 70%

The striking brown color defines the flawlessness of the classic mold enriched with the "Amano Chocolate Maker" signatures. Nice snap. Full vanilla-chocolate aroma supplemented by faint sweet dark fruits fragrance. Warm mouthfeel. The creamy texture is accompanied by grainy whole vanilla bean touch. Slow even melt. Strong and well-balanced flavor. The flavor profile is a gratifying development of "chocolate-vanilla Tartufo" notes matched by aromatic hints of smoke (vanilla beans), sweet slightly tart and earthy blackberry undertones closed off by feeble stainy taste with a tinge of sweetness (green bananas). In the mouth, the dense molasses presence combines warmth and smoothness and a long finish with an overall sense of incredible smoky-tart-sour balance.

Amano Guayas 70%

Great tasting experience full of flavors! It deserves to be tried.