Domori Trinitario Tanzania 70%

Our Trinitario cocoa is grown in Tanzania from the cooperative Kokoa Kamili. They are committed to enhance the quality of chocolate in their country. Dominant notes of cocoa and spices with a fruity finish.

The cacao that Domori selects in Tanzania comes from the Kokoa Kamili cooperative, which was set up with the aim of improving the organoleptic quality of Tanzanian cocoa. Kokoa Kamili buys "wet" cocoa directly from the local growers, in the cabossa, paying them more than what they would earn if they sold the cacao already fermented anddried. This means that the farmers are paid more, sooner and with less work. The time and effort spent on fermenting and drying the beans can therefore be spent improving the quality of the farming methods. After it is bought, the cocoa is fermented in the Kokoa Kamili fermentation centres, where its quality and processing can be constantly monitored. Fermentation takes place in wooden boxes covered with banana leaves, using a cascade system, for a period of 6 days.

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar


50 g

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