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Soma Porcelana 70%

Soma Porcelana 70%

Weight: 65 g

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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Woman Owned

Woman Owned

This rare Criollo cacao (often referred to as the holy grail of cacao) from the region south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is known as Porcelana. A gentle roast & conch exposes an extraordinary and complex chocolate containing a full scale of delicate tasting notes. Very round with a freakishly long finish. Quiet & mighty,

Notes: cream, cashews, figs, grass, strawberries, coconut, honey, orange marmalade

Ingredients: cacao nibs, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter

May contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy.

Manufactured in a facility which also processes dairy

Trace Dairy

Organic Sugar


Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Manufactured in a facility which also processes soy

Trace Soy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes treenuts

Trace Treenut

No animal products, and vegan sugar or alternative sweetener


Manufactured in a facility which also processes wheat or gluten

Trace Gluten

ICA-silver-2016 Award AOC-silver-2017 Award
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SOMA Chocolatemaker

Soma was founded by David Castellan and Cynthia Leung in 2003. A rarity in the industry, Soma are adept at both chocolate making, and also a fantastic chocolatier. At the time, ‘bean to bar’ chocolate wasn’t necessarily even a term! Anybody who knew how to make chocolate were those who worked for big chocolate companies. Soma was one of the first to tackle the micro batch chocolate bar production. Besides their wonderful line of chocolate bars, Soma also uses their chocolate to make ganache for truffles, and other chocolate treats. Soma's high quality chocolate bars have been awarded multiple times over the years. First starting off in a 400 square foot tiny corner of an old whiskey distillery, Soma now has two chocolate factories in Toronto, Canada.

Cacao Region

Zulia, Venezuela

Zulia is the westernmost state in Venezuela, and besides containing one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the Western Hemisphere, Zulia includes the famous cacao-growing region of Maracaibo, which happens to be the state capital. Although Zulia is economically important to Venezuela due to its oil and mineral exploitation, it’s also one of the major agricultural regions of Venezuela, and contains historically-relevant trading ports.

Cacao Strain


Porcelana; the name is Spanish for “porcelain,” a reference to the stark white color of the seeds borne in their small, pale green pods. Porcelana is one of the cultivars of the the Criollo group. Porcelana is perhaps one of the best-known ultra-rare cacao varietals, only grown in a small region of Venezuela and Colombia. It’s become one of the most prized and expensive cacaos in the world thanks to its near complete lack of bitterness and delicate chocolaty flavor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matthew G.

I would highly recommend this bar. Soma lived up to their reputation on this one. It's smooth, complex, and delicious. First bar I finished after tasting everything in my order.

Bernie W.
Excellent but expensive

Every porcelana chocolate I've tried is definitely fantastic, but this one has to take the cake. I feel like with a lot of chocolates, all the talk about "notes" and "fragrance" are overstated. But not with this bar, not at all, you could give it to someone who isn't really into chocolate all that much and they'd still probably notice and enjoy its unique taste.

Happy i.T.
Happy in TN

This bar was a gift and they really scored here.. Soma is the best but the higher price point always makes me less likely to indulge. The smooth lingering taste allows a tiny piece of this bar to linger forever. Thus you can really string it out. I only wish I was rich and could buy this for my everyday chocolate.



Good service

Initially my first order was melted due to fedex. Bar and cocoa replaced my chocolate right away