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Labooko Peru Criollo Cuvee 82%

Labooko Peru Criollo Cuvee 82%

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Reasons to Love

Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Family Owned

Family Owned

Woman Owned

Woman Owned

This is an amazing chocolate made of Criollo beans which count to the world most aromatic cocoa beans. Zotter purchases this cocoa from the Peruvian farmers from Aprocap where they also add white "Porcelana" Criollo beans resulting in a top class chocolate with a cocoa content of 80%.

AOC-gold-2016 Award

Certified Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Organic-Certified Product (USDA/EU)


Manufactured in a facility which also processes dairy

Trace Dairy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Trace Sesame

Trace Sesame

Manufactured in a facility which also processes soy

Trace Soy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes Tree Nuts

Trace Tree Nut

No animal products, and vegan sugar or alternative sweetener


Gluten Free

Gluten Free


Ingredients: organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

May contain traces of milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy and sesame.


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    True chocolate has rich, nuanced flavors. Like wine it can vary by the variety of cacao beans, and where it's grown.


    Chocolate makers that source cacao at high standards beyond Fair Trade, and produce responsibly.


    A diverse selection sourced from the top 2% of all chocolate in the world.


    Once you’ve tasted pure chocolate, the other stuff won’t do. Read verified customer reviews.



Zotter was started by a husband and wife team in 1987. They have made many strides over the last decade tucked away in a picturesque rolling hills landscape of Austria. Zotter is the only company in Europe that uses all organic and Fair Trade ingredients. They also have sustainable business practices, using solar and geothermal energy to run their entire production facility, and use packaging made from renewable sources. Zotter's philosophy has garnered them many awards both for their business success and chocolate making. They are a family business that adhere to family principles. This allows for a plethora of creative freedom to create fun and exciting chocolate bars. Zotter first produced their "hand scooped" bars with couverture from Valrhona and Callebaut but always dreamed of making their own chocolate, and in 2006 this became a reality. We feature Zotter's Labooko line of chocolates, that feature cacao sourced from all over the world. Zotter has the largest line of chocolate in the world with over 450 different chocolate in their range.

Cacao Region

Piura, Peru

Piura is a department of northwestern Peru, bordered in the north by Ecuador and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. Several rivers run through the province from the region’s mountainous zones, serving to keep the coastal plantations naturally well-irrigated and productive year-round. The region is the second most-populous in the country, responsible for roughly a third of Peru’s annual petroleum production, as well as a significant amount of its mining. Similar to the rest of the country, much of Piura’s agriculture relies upon commercialized crops, such as sorghum, rice, corn, and yucca, though an increasing amount of native criollo cacao is being cultivated throughout the region.

Cacao Estate


APPROCAP, or the Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Cacao de Piura, is an association of cacao producers in northern Peru. The 200+ farmers in the association are dedicated to the growing of fine flavor cacao varietals native to the region, which is just a few hours south of the border with Ecuador. Their farmers’ land sizes average just 1 hectare, and as a community, they’ve committed themselves to caring for their land under the principles of agroforestry. This means that farmers grow food at every level of the forest, in a way native to the region and which brings them consistent income throughout the year, as well as protecting against climate change issues that arise due to single crop farming.

Cacao Strain


Porcelana; the name is Spanish for “porcelain,” a reference to the stark white color of the seeds borne in their small, pale green pods. Porcelana is one of the cultivars of the the Criollo group. Porcelana is perhaps one of the best-known ultra-rare cacao varietals, only grown in a small region of Venezuela and Colombia. It’s become one of the most prized and expensive cacaos in the world thanks to its near complete lack of bitterness and delicate chocolaty flavor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
E. R.
Full-flavored but delicate criollo

I loved this bar, definitely one of the best Peru bars I have tried. The high cocoa percentage is really nice as it lets the flavor come through strongly, but the criollo cacao is so mild and sweet that there is hardly any bitterness. Excellent!

Worth the wait!

It took some time for my nose and palate to "warm up" to this bar. After a taste - smell - taste - smell, I finally was able to pick up on aromas and flavors. I get a very strong cherry/raisin aroma. The flavors are very creamy for what I anticipate in a higher percentage bar. The texture is smooth. I do get some tart and sour notes that are not unpleasant, but I can't pick out grapefruit or lemon. I like sour and tart so I am not put off by the flavor. Once the sourness passes on the finish, I get a lingering toasty brownie nut flavor that is nice. My goal is to transition my collection to higher (>80%) bars and this is promising. I think it may be a staple in my stash.

Labooko Peru Criollo Cuvee 82%

One of my favorite Labooko bar! Mild and luxurious mouthfeel. It's abundant and warm. It's bitter but like a 60% or 70% unsweetened dark milk bar. Yes, it has a fresh milk cream sublime notes. No acidity or strong fruity notes. The roast nutty profile shows up followed by berry flavors, raisins, black olives, and lemon. The pungent flavor profile of this bar shows up later well balanced by the raisin biscuit light sweetness. Aftertaste: tingling (berry/lemony) effect on the tip of your tongue, bitter/light astringency, and roast cocoa aromas in the back of your throat which last for a long time.

R C.
The One with Prince on It

Zotter puts two small bars in the package, and considering it’s nearly 2 1/2 ounces, it’s a good value, especially with the quality of the chocolate. But value aside, this is a really good bar. I haven’t been disappointed with anything by Zotter, but I keep coming back to this one. I had doubts because I once read that too much Peruvian chocolate tastes like sour dirt, and I had to agree. That’s not the case with this bar, no sourness, just sharp, clean chocolate. One day, my husband and I were sampling a few bars. When I asked him which one he liked best, he said, “The one with Prince on it.”

Bill O.
Incredibly smooth

I admit I am picky with handing out a five star but for an 82% dark chocolate bar this is incredibly smooth, delicious, and one to return to.