Luisa Abram

Luisa Abram Rio Acará Wild Cocoa 70%

Dark 70% chocolate bar Luisa Abram, from wild cocoa from the Brazilian Amazon - Rio Acará. This chocolate has notes of Pará nuts, caramel and pineapple. It has a more solid texture (compared to Purus; this is due to the amount of cocoa butter in the grain being naturally smaller). Chocolate has a better known flavor (the genetic variety of this bean is present in other parts of the world).

In the Baixo Amazonas Hydrographic Basin, cocoa purchased from several families on the banks of the Acará and Arauaia Rivers is fermented by women from two of these families. This cocoa belongs to the family of amelonados, and has high genetic purity.

Ingredients: Wild Cocoa and Organic Sugar.


80 g

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