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Omnom Sea Salted Almonds + Milk 45%

Omnom Sea Salted Almonds + Milk 45%

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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Milk chocolate from Madagascan cacao with lush red berry notes, balanced with gentle maltiness from icelandic milk is topped with roasted, sea salted almond pieces. The freshly roasted almonds sprinkled onto this bar are evenly coated with Saltverk sea salt, sustainably harvested from Iceland's Westfjords. Rather than using the salt itself, they are coated with a 30% salinity solution.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, Icelandic milk powder, organic cocoa beans from Madagascar, sea salt, almonds & sunflower lecithin.

Contains dairy


Organic Sugar


Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Soy Free

Soy Free

Contains treenuts


Manufactured in a facility which also processes wheat or gluten

Trace Gluten

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Omnom Chocolate

Iceland’s only bean to bar chocolate maker, OmNom was started by former chef Kjartan Gislason and Óskar Þórðarson . Inspired by the bean to bar movement in the US, Kjartan started experimenting with making chocolate in 2014. At first it was just an experimental concept, until they began receiving positive feedback from the very beginning. OmNom has a small location in Reykjavík, Iceland, and every step of their chocolate making is handcrafted. All OmNom chocolate is crafted from organic cacao beans and Icelandic milk. Each of their ingredients are sourced sustainable locations and are certified organic.The fun brand name was inspired by the sound Cookie Monster makes when munching down on cookies.

Cacao Region

Sambirano Valley, Madagascar

Perhaps the most famous growing region in the world, northern Madagascar's Sambirano Valley is known for its incredibly fruity cacao and aromatic herbs & spices. Over the past few decades three main plantations have popped up in the area to supply cacao to chocolate makers around the world, as well as some of the world's most valuable botanicals, namely vanilla, ylang-ylang, and essential oil extracts.

Cacao Estate

Akesson Estate

Perhaps one of the most famous origins in the world, Akesson’s Estate consists of several individual farms in northwestern Madagascar’s Sambirano Valley. The most prolific of these is certainly Bejofo Estate, which alone produces around 300 tons of cocoa each year. Over the last decade, Malagasy cacao (cacao grown on Madagascar) has earned a reputation for fruity, almost juicy cacao beans, which transform into some of the most unique chocolate in the world. All of the cacao grown on Akesson Estate is organic-certified.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer B.
Perfectly Creamy and Crunchy

A memorable bar of creamy milk chocolate. The roughly chopped almonds were sprinkled on top giving the chocolate a wonderfully handmade look. A light pinch of sea salt helped round out and pop the taste at the same time. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Leah L.

Omnom Sea Salted Almonds + Milk 45%

Loved it

Definitely one of my favorites that I ordered so far. Just the right amount of saltiness.

Anastasia S.C.
Great Surprise!

Hubby and I arrived in Iceland end of Feb 2020 for his birthday. He was given a bar of OmNom and instantly fell in love! We bought almost 1 of every bar while there and this was by far the favorite! Now, 6 months later, with no travel plans in sight, my hubs graduated his Master's degree so I decided to search for his favorite chocolate! He was ecstatic to receive this gift and promptly ate 1 whole bar, hardly wanting to share! He's had them for less than a week and I've had to monitor him because he'd finished 1 a day if I didn't stop him! Lol. Now I'm waiting for the winter holidays to order more for his stocking! The shipping was quick which I was worried about because of this heat wave SoCal has been experiencing. But nothing melted as there were cool packs! Great chocolates! Quick and safe shipping! Just waiting to purchase more in the near future!

Sharon B.

Wonderful chocolate, not like any in the US. Definitely recommend to any chocolate lover to buy at least two to start!