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Marana Piura Dark 70%

Marana Piura Dark 70%

Weight: 70 g

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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar

Direct-Source Cacao

Direct Sourced

Made at Origin

Made at Origin

Woman Owned

Woman Owned

This 70% dark chocolate is made with the finest Piura cocoa beans from the variety “Blanco” that are grown in the fertile valleys of Alto Piura. This chocolate, of great personality, penetrates your palate, and surprises you with unique characteristics, bringing out an indescribable experience of citrus fruity notes.

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Paste, Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Cocoa Butter.

Allergens: May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Certified EU Organic

EU Organic

Organic-Certified Product (USDA/EU)


Manufactured in a facility which also processes dairy"

Trace Dairy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Soy Free

Soy Free

Manufactured in a facility which also processes treenuts

Trace Treenut

Organic refined sugar or alternative sweetener, and no animal products (ie defacto vegan)


Gluten Free

Gluten Free

ICA-silver-2018 Award
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Maraná is a Peruvian chocolate company that produces bean to bar chocolate from the finest cocoa. Their selection of Peruvian cocoa comes from three regions - Piura, San Martin, and Cusco. All of their chocolate bars are made with certified 100% organic ingredients. Zulema and Giuseppe, both founders of Marana were formerly part of the corporate world for 10 years until they were looking for something else to satisfy their interests. One day while talking to Giuseppe’s aunt that lives in the USA, she mentioned that she has seen a surplus of chocolate with Peruvian cacao. That had sparked some interest to the pair and started doing research about cacao and visiting cacao farms. That’s when they discovered their passion for Peruvian chocolate. Zulema and Giuseppe are committed to helping farmers receive a better quality of life by working directly with them. They find by teaching them sustainable farming, improving their techniques for better optimization of their cacao beans, they are able to guarantee only the finest cacao beans. Marana’s packaging for their bars pay homage to Peruvian culture and the hard work cacao farmers dedicate their lives towards. Since selling their first chocolate bar in 2015, Marana has proudly received multiple awards for their bars.

Cacao Region

Piura, Peru

Piura is a department of northwestern Peru, bordered in the north by Ecuador and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. Several rivers run through the province from the region’s mountainous zones, serving to keep the coastal plantations naturally well-irrigated and productive year-round. The region is the second most-populous in the country, responsible for roughly a third of Peru’s annual petroleum production, as well as a significant amount of its mining. Similar to the rest of the country, much of Piura’s agriculture relies upon commercialized crops, such as sorghum, rice, corn, and yucca, though an increasing amount of native criollo cacao is being cultivated throughout the region.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Classic Peru

This is a lovely bar that is a good showcase of what I expect in a Peruvian bar. Great chocolate fudge flavors, almost so fudgy that you may check for added milk. It has a slightly sandy texture but it doesn't take away from the bar. The fruity notes hit in the middle and stay around all the way to the end.

Earthy tobacco fudge coffee

Initially earthy on the nose and tongue. As it warms and melts, tobacco, earth and fudge/coffee develops. After a while some citrus comes through. Melt is slightly rough and grainy but the complexity of this bar and all that is going on really is nice. The package description is says it is dominated by fruity citrus notes. I think it is dominated by tobacco/fudge/coffee with a long mild citrus and fudge finish. This is a fun bar and would be excellent without the grainy texture - unless it is stone ground, then they have done a fantastic job of smoothing it out.

Subtle fruit and delicious chocolaty flavor

This is a pretty smooth bar, but I was more excited about the dried fruit-like notes I tasted after letting it melt for a bit. There's a bit of astringency, and this is definitely a more in-your-face flavor, but it's not at all bitter, and the finish is very enjoyable. I wish I could buy it in blocks/chips to use in baking brownies/chocolate chip cookies, because this would bring baking to a whole other level!