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Akesson's Madagascar Criollo 100% Dark Chocolate

Akesson's Madagascar Criollo 100% Dark Chocolate

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Reasons to Love

Made with Estate Grown Cacao

Tree to Bar

Akesson's 100% Madagascar is our second most popular 100% chocolate, (Pralus Le 100% being first.) You see 100% and you might expect something very bitter, but here we have a tart creamy bar that is no doubt intensely strong. It has a very expressive cocoa aroma with subtle fruity-sweet tartness and pleasant flavor notes that evoke citrus and red berries.

Awards: 2014 & 2016 Gold, Academy of Chocolate, 2014 & 2015 Gold, Great Taste, 2014 Gold & 2016 Bronze, International Chocolate Awards

Ingredients: 100% organic cocoa: organic cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter. May contain traces of nuts, almonds, soya, milk and gluten.

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Certified EU Organic

EU Organic

Manufactured in a facility which also processes dairy"

Trace Dairy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes peanuts

Trace Peanuts

Manufactured in a facility which also processes soy

Trace Soy

Manufactured in a facility which also processes treenuts

Trace Treenut

Organic refined sugar or alternative sweetener, and no animal products (ie defacto vegan)


Manufactured in a facility which also processes wheat

Trace Gluten


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Akesson's founded by Bertil Akesson is largely responsible for some of the super fine cacao we see coming from Madagascar. Bertil manages several estates in the Sambirano Valley, and also has a few plantations in Indonesia and Brazil. Bertil is one of the pioneers of the bean to bar chocolate movement, and produces a line of single origin and inclusion bars using the spices that also grow on his plantations. Akesson's focuses on high quality cocoa while maintaining sustainable practices. Not only has Akesson's won many awards, other chocolate makers have also won awards for their bars with Akesson's cacao.

Cacao Region

Sambirano Valley, Madagascar

Perhaps the most famous growing region in the world, northern Madagascar's Sambirano Valley is known for its incredibly fruity cacao and aromatic herbs & spices. Over the past few decades three main plantations have popped up in the area to supply cacao to chocolate makers around the world, as well as some of the world's most valuable botanicals, namely vanilla, ylang-ylang, and essential oil extracts.

Cacao Estate

Akesson Estate

Perhaps one of the most famous origins in the world, Akesson’s Estate consists of several individual farms in northwestern Madagascar’s Sambirano Valley. The most prolific of these is certainly Bejofo Estate, which alone produces around 300 tons of cocoa each year. Over the last decade, Malagasy cacao (cacao grown on Madagascar) has earned a reputation for fruity, almost juicy cacao beans, which transform into some of the most unique chocolate in the world. All of the cacao grown on Akesson Estate is organic-certified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
X. H.
Happy with purchase

I have enjoyed all the Akesson's bars I've tried. This is a more milder 100 bar...a good intro bar for those dipping their feet in 100% cocoa.


I enjoyed this bar very much

Rachel G.

I have met my match--Akesson's 100% Criollo bar 💥👅

This was surpisingly light for a 100%, looked like many 70s I have enjoyed. The smell was subtle and beautiful, with notes of lemon zest and fresh tart raspberries. However, once you put a piece on your tongue, the astringency will stun you in one punch 👊😯

The subtle aromas become powerful, like you bit directly into a lemon rind coated in cocoa powder. Sour citrus and cocoa bitterness combine into something unstoppable, but I have a plan to enjoy this. This week I intend to make delicious Brigaderios truffles with this bar to see if added sweetness highlights the notes better with less overwhelming astringency.

mark m.

the best - use it for its anti-flammatory properties - a real win-win!


First time tried 100%. Nice!