Sugar Free & Diabetic Friendly Chocolates

It’s difficult to avoid sugar when browsing the chocolate aisle. Most industrial mass produced chocolate contains loads of sugar. But one does not need so much sugar when enjoying craft chocolate, as sugar is often used to mask poor quality bitter cocoa. Craft chocolate uses less sugar to showcase the myriad of flavors found in cocoa.

Completely Sugar Free Chocolate

100% Cacao Chocolate

One good and healthy option is unsweetened cocoa, which can be either pure cocoa powder or 100% dark chocolate bars. At Bar & Cocoa we feature some of the best single origin 100% chocolate bars from all over the world. While it is an acquired taste (like working your way up to black coffee), it is a great way to indulge in chocolate without worrying about sugar content.

Alternative Sugar or Low Glycemic Chocolate

Keto Friendly Chocolate

There are also plenty of ultra dark chocolate options that have so little added sugar that these not only work for a Keto or Paleo diet, but also work for those that are diabetic. The Keto collection focuses specifically on dark chocolate bars that have the lowest sugar content from our large selection of dark chocolate. Alternatively almost any dark chocolate above 70% would work for a diabetic if eaten in moderation.

Alternative Sugar Chocolate

Another option is to look for alternative sugar or no sugar added milk chocolates (natural sugars are still present in milk) that have a low glycemic effect. Many makers have started working with coconut and maple sugar, or mesquite and other sweeteners to make wonderful alternative sugar chocolate options. Some great options are made by companies like The Good Chocolate and Raaka.

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